À la mode

I just made a change to the way my smart central heating controls works.

An example room with prior controls

Previously I had four modes:

  1. (Enable for) Summer
  2. (Disable for) Winter
  3. (Going on) Vacation
  4. Back from Vacation

These modes were the defaults from the Eve Thermo Electronic Thermostatic Radiator Valves (eTRVs). However I’ve thought for some time that there was some ambiguity around what mode the system went into when Back From Vacation was selected (Winter or Summer?) and that it would be more straightforward to have 3 modes as follows:

ModeTemperature measurementTemperature controlTemperature
set Point
SummerYesNoNot specified
Proposed new smart heating control Modes
An example room with current Modes

I think that this new arrangement is much more intuitive with the user just selecting which Mode they want to enter at the end of a vacation without the ambiguity of selecting Back from Vacation and then quickly following up by selecting Summer or (most likely) Winter.

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