This is a private blog about my attempts to live a greener lifestyle.

Over the last few years I’ve become increasingly concerned about the state of our world. It seemed that something needed to be done. And then it occurred to me – here I am in a wealthly country with a good job and a nice home – so if I can’t do something about it then who can be expected to? Now I know that whatever I do is only a drop in the ocean, but even the longest of journeys starts with a single step.

So here it is. Over the coming months I plan to describe what I’ve done do live a greener lifestyle. Some of the things will be quick, easy and cheap. Others will be more involved. But hopefully there will be somethings that everyone can do to make this world a greener and more sustainable place.

All content and posts on this site reflect my personal views and opinions.

Readers should know that I’m an employee of Ford Motor Company. However I’m writing here in my spare time and I do not receive any payments or other benefits from Ford for maintaining this blog.

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  1. JohnB

    Hi. Im interested in building something similair to your HEMS system to help control my solar panel output, charge my car, etc. I’ve just switched over to Octopus Go and I’m keen to make the most of the cheaper electricity so I’m looking at options for having batteries installed.

    Would you be willing to advise me on creating something similair to what you have achieved?



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