Visualising the data

Multiple commentators have discussed the importance of knowing the Agile price at all times in order to optimise electricity costs and have developed a series of tools to enable that including phone apps, monitor screens, web pages etc.

Agile price visualisation via web page

However I think that the solution that I’m about to outline is easily the most sophisticated solution that I’ve seen.

The proposal takes automotive and aeronautical head-up-display capability and traditional cathode ray tube technology and integrates that combination in a whole new way.

Eyeball with integrated cathode ray projector.

The integrated projector shines the required price data onto the back of the cornea to give the recipient of the implant a continuous view of Agile pricing in a similar way to a head-up display. The copper band is used to modulate an electromagnetic field to deflect a cathode ray across the surface of the cornea to superimpose the future electricity prices on the user’s field of view.

Deflection of cathode ray by electromagnetic field to create image on back of cornea

The recipient of the implant receives a continuous graphical display of Agile pricing even when the eye is closed In a similar way to a head-up display. This round-the-clock price awareness is ideal to ensure optimal electricity costs.

Sophisticated graphics provide a continuous visualisation

Efforts to commercialise this technology are currently underway with launch anticipated on the thirteenth Thursday of 2021 as Oculus Agile.

Oculus Agile logo

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