Refuse to Recycle?

Our local authority asks residents to separate a variety of materials for recycling (or landfill) as follows:

  • Glass in a dedicated plastic box.
  • Other recyclables (cardboard, metal, plastic etc) in disposable council-supplied pink sacks.
  • Kitchen waste (via a grey caddy) and garden waste in a green council-supplied wheelie bin.
  • Corrugated cardboard folded and packed in a corrugated cardboard box.
  • Textiles in a bag with a special council-supplied label.
  • Non-recyclables in a black bag.

It’s important to dispose of waste properly as some materials will take an extremely long time to break down naturally causing them to accumulate in the environment.

Decomposition times by material type.

Many of these things including steel and aluminium (or aluminum for our US readers) are not only greener but cheaper to recycle than make new ones.

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