Results with variable charging

Today is my first day with the car plugged in all day since I completed the variable charging which directs the car to charge at 0, 6, 10, or 16 Amps depending on availability from my solar panels.

imageThe green area shows the electricity generated by the solar panels. The purple line shows the demand for electricity – the larger changes are the car charger switching on and up/down. I myself witnessed it switching between 6 and 10 Amps while working in the garage. The blue line shows the second priority – electricity being used for water heating. The water heating control is more dynamic and adjustable in finer increments so it mops up what the car charger cannot.

In total:

Electricity Sources Electricity Uses
4.1 kWh of electricity was bought/imported. 13.8 kWh of electricity was used by the house (including car charging)
15.9 kWh of electricity was generated. 5.1 kWh of electricity was diverted for water heating.
1.1 kWh of electricity was exported to the grid.
20.0 kWh of electricity total input. 20.0 kWh of electricity total output.
93% of electricity generated used productively. 79% of electricity used self-generated.
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